Orthopedic Physical Therapy Services
Sports Assessment and Performance Training


  • Movement analysis

    • Observation of specific lifestyle movement patterns that contribute to your symptoms or limitations. This could include anything from posture, ergonomics, sleeping, walking, reaching, to throwing a baseball. No matter what may be limiting you, the goal is to find the movement habits that continue to injure the involved tissue.

  • Neuromuscular re-education

    • Specific movement retraining based on the principles of normal biomechanics and motor control. In other words, we teach you to move or posture yourself in ways to prevent the tissue from further or continued injury. The reason many injuries become chronic is because this is rarely addressed. We use taping, bracing, banding, etc. to facilitate new movement strategies or protect injured tissue.

  • Manual therapy

    • Highly specific soft tissue, fascial, and joint mobilization as well as stretching to restore musculoskeletal health and improve mobility. We utilize instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, including cupping, scraping tools, and Hypervolt. This is the hands-on portion of your treatment to allow your body to move in a way to prevent tissue injury.

  • Therapeutic Exercise

    • Strength and conditioning of muscles throughout the body to improve muscle performance, protect against future injury, and prevent exacerbation of symptoms


Treatment of orthopedic physical therapy conditions, including but not limited to sprains, strains, fractures, workplace ergonomics, repetitive postural injury, insidious onset pain, and chronic pain

See a List of the specific Orthopedic Injuries we treat


  • We provide musculoskeletal assessment and analysis of your body for maximal efficiency with any sport or recreational activity
  • Complete body mobility, general stabilization strategies, and sports specific activity to ensure your body meets the demands required of your sport


  • Utilization of the Phyistrack platform for tele-health consultations, which allows virtual face to face communication and exercise instruction
  • The concepts of movement analysis and retraining as well as strength and conditioning can be applied in a virtual setting. This allows insight into where you spend most of your time to correct habitual issues and dysfunction
  • This includes the workplace, home, car, and anywhere else you can take a smartphone

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