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Neuromuscular Re-Education

Specific movement retraining based on the principles of normal biomechanics and motor control. In other words, we teach you to move or posture yourself in ways to prevent the tissue from further or continued injury. The reason many injuries become chronic is because this is rarely addressed. We use taping, bracing, banding, etc. to facilitate new movement strategies or protect injured tissue.

  • Facilitation of New Movement

  • Verbal, Manual, Visual Cueing

  • Resisted/Assisted Cueing

  • Internal/External Cueing

Manual Therapy

What is Neuromuscular Re-Education?

Neuromuscular re-education is a specialized treatment technique utilized in physical therapy to effectively restore proper body movement patterns. The intricate connection between nerves and muscles allows for coordinated movements within the body. Through the transmission of messages from the brain to the muscles via nerves, instructions are given regarding the speed, distance, and force of movement. These movement patterns become ingrained in memory as we perform everyday activities.

However, when nerves or muscles undergo trauma or sustain injuries due to various medical or neurological conditions, these crucial muscle movement patterns can be severely disrupted. Even if one possesses strong muscles, without precise instructions from the brain on timing and execution of movements, simple as well as complex tasks cannot be accomplished successfully.

Neuromuscular re-education focuses on restoring optimal function by facilitating the recruitment of muscle motor units and ensuring proper timing in controlling muscular actions. This therapeutic approach aims to reinstate normal body mechanics and movement capabilities.

Benefits of Neuromuscular Re-Education

The main objective of neuromuscular re-education is to restore the correct functioning of spinal and peripheral nerves, with the goal of improving range of motion, alleviating pain, and eliminating soft tissue adhesions that commonly occur after a sports injury or other conditions. Neuromuscular re-education also helps reduce pressure on compressed nerves, restores the natural texture of muscles and connective tissues, improves balance, as well as enhances the flexibility and strength of important muscles and tendons.


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We treat a wide range of injuries including orthopedic, sports, work related and pre and post-operative care.

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