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Movement Analysis

Observation of specific lifestyle movement patterns that contribute to your symptoms or limitations. This could include anything from posture, ergonomics, sleeping, walking, reaching, to throwing a baseball. No matter what may be limiting you, the goal is to find the movement habits that continue to injure the involved tissue.

  • Faulty Biomechanics

  • Altered Movement Patterns

  • Pathological Movement Patterns

  • Assisted Technology (i.e. apps, cameras, lasers)

Movement Analysis Physical Therapy

What is Movement Analysis?

Movement analysis is a crucial clinical assessment used to evaluate and analyze a patient’s movement patterns, typically focusing on their walking gait. To gather comprehensive data regarding a patient’s movement, physical therapists employ an array of cutting-edge technologies such as 3D computerized analysis, video recordings, force measurements, and specialized equipment. These tools enable the therapist to accurately assess and diagnose any abnormalities or limitations in the patient’s movement capabilities.


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